ICS fix? Help :(




Long story short, i installed a VPN client on an ICS host PC, i later
noticed client PCs not getting the full internet experience (only a few sites
work).. So i've uninstalled the VPN client, and i need to get ICS back the
way it was....

i found this on chicagotech.net;
"Do not install VPN on W2K with ICS running

Many users have reported that they were experienced some difficulties after
installing VPN on w2k/xp running ICS and ICS clients may receive "Error: Page
Can Not be Displayed" message. The reason is that establishing a VPN
connection on the ICS Host modifies the Routing Table on the ICS Host. that
will forces all clients that try to connect to the Internet to use the VPN
routing table instead of the ICS routing table used to connect to the
Internet service provider (ISP). You may modify the route table to fix this
problem, for example, route -p add <network> mask <subnet mask> <router ip>.
If you want to add a route for a single host (firewall which is on another
subnet), do this route -p add <ip> mask <host ip>, for
example, route -p add 160.213.320.1."

Now, i assume and im pretty sure installing VPN is the cause of the problem,
and i think this must be the soloution..... So how would i enter what it says?

my internet modem's IP is
my LAN NIC's IP is

So would i enter "route -p add mask"

Any help or thoughts on this would be great :) thanks


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