Problem adding persistent network routes for specific interface



For example, I want to route all traffic coming from interface #4 IP, to other interface at IP I tried to use the ROUTE
program like below:

route -p add mask if 4

The route is added and work properly (tested via PING and Wireshark) as seen
like below via ROUTE PRINT:

Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 1

But after the PC is rebooted, it shows as:

Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 1

Where IP is the loopback driver at interface index 2.
Why is it not set to IP

Also, I tried using the NETSH program like so: (long text warning)

netsh routing ip add persistentroute wireless

It properly adds the route entry as seen via "netsh routing ip show
persistentroute": (long text warning)

Prefix Protocol Prf Met Gateway Vw Interface
------------------ ---------- --- --- --------------- --
---------------- Non-DOD St 0 1 UM Wireless
Network Connection

But the problem is that, it doesn't seem to take any effect immediately. I
have checked this using PING and trace its network packets using Wireshark.

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