HP Scanjet G4050 - usb device not recognized



I have been trying for over a week to get this scanner to work with my
computer (running on a Dell Demension with XP, service pack 2). I followed
the instructions, installing the software and drivers first. Then when the
software says to go ahead and connect the scanner, I plug it in and get "USB
device not recognized". I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software, even
turning off the firewall and virus software before installation. I've been on
the phone for about 15 hours with both HP and Dell tech support. No one can
figure this out.

Twice I got the scanner to work. Once, when the first HP tech did a complete
unistall of the software (including registry keys) and once when a Dell tech
had deleted the PCI bus and then had me unplug every USB device but the
When I rebooted, the computer was forced to re-install the drivers. However,
the scanner was recognized. That is until I plugged in the other devices
(printers, external hard drive) and rebooted. Then, once again, USB device
not recognized. They have sent me two scanners, a refurbished one and a brand
new one and the same thing happens.

If the scanner is plugged in when I reboot, it will show up in the device
manager but the software says it can't communicate with the scanner. Once the
PC is up, if the scanner is unplugged or turned off and then
re-plugged/turned on, then I get the USB device not recognized. The Imaging
Device in the device manager disappears and in the USB contoller section, it
will add a line "unknown device".

I've tried other cables other USB ports front and back and still nothing. I
even took the USB cable from the back of a printer that worked just fine and
plugged it into the back of the scanner, but the same thing, USB device not
recognized. So, I know it isn't the cable or the port. The Dell tech support
tried updating the drivers for the USB ports but nothing has worked.

Also, I should mention that every time I run the HP installation software,
there is a point where I get a windows error window popup (asking if it can
send the information to MS). When I told the HP techs, they all dismissed
this as a problem.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


Have you looked at the possibility that the accompanying disk for
this scanner may be corrupt or have corrupt files/drivers on it?
Ask HP for another installation disk.
Today is the first day of the
rest of your life.
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I have the same problem with HP Scanjet g4050.

Have you solve this problem on you computer?

Please write to me, what have you done.


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