HP printer not working



I have an hp 5p printer with a Parallel port and I have a dell computer with
a usb port. I bought a Parrallel to usb printer cable. The printer will work
on sometimes. The computer will recognize that the printer is there but does
not print a test page.

Dick Kistler

Cari said:
Unfortunately, Parallel to USB rarely works. Probably time for a USB

Whoa! Kiss off a perfectly good printer? How about a printserver?
Undoubtedly this computer has a network card or wireless card.

An old HP Printer should last basically forever, much better than any
of the new ones. I have an HP 4P that has about 19000 pages on the
engine, and I plan on using it into the next century. Pouring money into
the throwaway printer market is silly! This is one of the reasons that
parallel ports disappeared-the vendors want us to take the attitude that
parallel port printers are outmoded and should be replaced. NONSENSE!


The same thing was said about serial port printers before the parallel port
printers became more common.

Dick Kistler

Chuck said:
The same thing was said about serial port printers before the parallel port
printers became more common.

I don't remember that serial port printers were ever that hot. Parallel
port printers have been around since the 70's at least. Apple ran the
Laserwriter over a serial connection if you didn't have Appletalk, and
it wasn't very satisfactory. Imagewriters were junk even compared with
FX-80's No experience with daisywheels.

What I'm saying is that if the OP has a printer that meets his needs,
there should be a way to make it work and not make 75 lbs of trash.

If he needs more capability-more resolution, faster printing, color-by
all means he should buy another printer. If he is happy with the one he
has, he should try a print server.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

I'd probably think more of the environment and the future and get an energy
star unit which in the long run will save $s and energy, whilst doing less
damage. The parallel port and the floppy drive are now antiques and belong
in the last century.

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