HP DeskJet 820Cse not responding



Has been connected to a hub with two other printers and other hardware.
Works when it wants. This time, after disconnecting the laptop after
installing Turbo Tax, it stop responding. Deleted both printer and driver
(from Printer server), deleted any reference of it in all "regedit" files, re
connected/installed twice (second time diretly into the computer) but it does
not respond. It does not get used often but it retains the brand new
appearance, looks and functionality when it works.

-HP does not longer supports it.
-Dell laptops do not have parallel port, so I purchased a USB cable/adapter
-Came with two floppies, but Dell laptops do not have floppy drive
-Turbo Tax advised to change the driver to 820C but it is not included in
the operating system.

Have: XP Professional
504 MB RAM
1.30 GHz processor
Service Pack 3

Any suggestions, please?
Thanks, helpless


Right - it does not work. Turbo Tax suggested to use 820C but XP does not
have it.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Tried the 820Cxi?

You can also try the 830 and 840s. BTW if all else fails, the 500 is the
most generic driver out there.
Cari (MS-MVP) Printing & Imaging

Helpless said:
Right - it does not work. Turbo Tax suggested to use 820C but XP does not
have it.


Got so frustrated, I went and bought a parallel port cable and connected to
my veeeeryy old IBM to print what I need for now. However, I will try your
suggestions when I am done in the next few days.


Bob Headrick [MVP]

The Deskjet 820 series was not compatible with any of the PCL drivers
for other 800 series printers. It was a host based architecture where
all the image (and text) rendering were done in the host computer. The
820csi and 820cxi used the same drivers, it may be called one of these
or just 820 series.

My guess is that the problem lies in the USB to parallel adapter. You
will need a proper driver to make this work (separate from the printer
driver). I have seen mixed reports of success (and failures) with these
devices. A better bet may be to add a parallel port card to your
computer or to upgrade the printer. I regularly see Deskjet 900 series
printers available used for $10 or less. These would use the same high
capacity #45 cartridge but would be much faster and provide greatly
improved print quality for color (but about the same for black).

Bob Headrick, MS MVP Printing/Imaging


There "used" to be a "network" driver for this printer, originally released
for use in Europe by HP. It did not use the MS developed "winprint" drivers.
Some years back, we found that this driver eliminated most of the problems.
The driver expected the printer to be connected to a parallel port, and was
intended for use when the printer was shared to other users. The driver had
only minimal error and diagnostic features, and provided much more reliable
Since XP came out after the driver was written, I have no idea if it will
work with XP. It, as I recall, did work with win2k and win9x.

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