HP Deskjet 820cse & 2-Sided Printing



When I originally bought my HP Deskjet 820cse I was runing
Win98SE. I **specifically** bought it because of its 2-
sided printing via. the HP Toolbox.

When I upgraded (clean install) to WinXP it installed the
correct printer drivers for the printer but the Toolbox
and 2-sided printing feature are gone.

HP is no help, they consider it an out-of-date product
(I'm guessing at this) and they say the drivers that come
with WinXP are the correct ones.

Is there anyone out there, most likely a programer, that
can (or has) get me back the 2-sided printing feature?

It must be part of the printer driver because not all of
the applications I use have a way to do 2-sided print. In
fact only one app does this.


As you surmised, HP: decided not to write updated drivers for this long
discontinued printer. Microsoft wrote updated drivers so that you can still
print, but as you found out they do not have all the advanced functions you
were used to.

You can regain these by using the software from www.fineprint.com


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