HP Deskjet printer problem


George Brandon

I installed windows XP in 2002 and no problem with
printers. I have two printers Hewlett Packard Deskjet
712C and 820Cse. Just recently started having problems
with the print smearing. It only happens when printing
documents from the internet or word type documents. Ran
HP dignostics looked OK, prints test page fine. I can
move the printers to a computer running windows 98 and it
does not happen. I installed new printer cartridges, used
HP cleaning kit using HP special paper nothing works. It
appears to be some kind of interface problem with windows
XP since I have downloaded updates. Is there some kind of


George-you are not the only one with this problem if that makes you feel any better. No networking of computers is involved and I have only the HP Deskjet 712C. I have the same symptoms and history and have done all the same alleged fixes yet the problem remains. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. The HP website has been of no help. There must be others with this same problem.
Someone please help/

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