How to set the number of rings for an outgoing fax



I have looked though the settings and have searched online but have
not been able to figure out how to do this.

I am using the faxserver that is part of windows server 2003 and want
to be able set (ideally programatically) the number of rings that the
faxserver will wait before giving up when sending a fax.

I send out 100's of faxes a day and several are failing. The fax
server mark them as "No Answer". I know that many, most of the
numbers are good. My concern is that the fax server is letting it ring
say three times and the receiving fax machine picks up on the fourth


Al Williams

If the modem hardware properties don't let you set this (and I suspect most
don't) then you may have to add a custom "AT" command to the modem
properties (IIRC, this is in the advanced tab of the modem properties in the
control panel - "extra initialization settings"). Check your modem manual
to find out what AT command you need, probably need to set an S register.

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