Outbound Fax intermittent timeout issue



Here's the scenario. Running Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 1. , Microsoft Fax
Service. Faxing starts, after a number of rings - the receiving device "picks
up", the faxing starts, in middle of page one (of two or three) the following
error is displayed: The remote fax machine did not respond in time, and the
call was terminated. After an interval the process is restarted and the
error is repeated. Approximately 1 in 25 faxes completes successfully.

So far I've tried the following steps - to no avail. Lowered the baud rate
to 9600, 14400, etc., disabled compression. I am at wit's end. Any help is


Mel - I'm also experiencing this problem. Were you able to arrive at a
solution? I'm thinking it may have been the result of a windows update.

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