How do I install Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager on Win7x64



The installer can't install the Microsoft Office 2007 Primary Interop
Assemblies - Help!


I too am having the same problem. Running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.
Disk 1 of Office Small Business 2007 installed without a problem, but Disk 2
with Business Contact Manager and SQL Express (default install, no choice)
will not install. The Setup Wizard screen just continues to show the
installation in progress screen as the "green" install line tracks gradually
across to complete but then it just repeats inself. After several aborted
attempts I let this continue overnight and it was still running same loop. A
Known Program Compatibility Assistant screen does appear that has button to
check for solutions online that comes back with the message that no solutions
are available. There is also a notice to apply SQL Server 2005 Pack 3 before
you run SQL Server 2005 (which of course can't be done since it never
installs). Could not find solution via support search. THIS IS TOTALLY
UNACCEPTABLE ON MICROSOFT"S PART. Only reason purchased Small Biz version of
Office instaed of cheaper version was for Business Contact Manager. Please
help if you can. Thanks.

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