trying to install outlook business contact manager but it fails?


sloan van mierlo

I bought the office small business upgrade to Office, the fist disk works
fine to upgrade the office on computer but when I put in the second disk with
the package which has the business contact manager for outlook on it I get
this error:

setup failed to install the required component Microsoft office 2007 primary
interop assemblies, business contact manager for outlook 2007 cannot
continue, see MBSsetuptmp7a9f.log

Ive looked in that file and its just a jumple of words and things makes no
sence to me, only if you know something about this stuff. help me here, why
won't it install the contact manage or the interop assemblies?

Rob Duncan

What a pain.

I read the log that was referred on the error message, and noted that it couldn't find the Primary Interop Assembly file.

When you initiate the install of BCM 2007, it makes a temp file under C:\, before you click next, go into that file and rename "piaredist" to "o2007pia".

Then the BCM will load.

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