Help! SP4 upgrade to windows 2000 SP4 Fails


Martin Stillman

I have tried several times with different conditions to
upgrade Win 2K pro/sp3 with sp4.

The sequence of events looks like this (I switched to the
full-install packed rather than express install - both
give the same error and both fail to finish):
SP4 starts with the box "Updating Your System" - I
check "backup all sp3 files"
- after "Installing Files" goes to
- "Finishing Installation" - details - "Running processes
after install"
the system (sp4iis) says - "Unable to connect to metabase"
with a just an OK available

then gives the error "Setup failed to remove ism.dll
script mappings. Service Pack Setup will abort" Just OK
How to stop this?

What is going on?
Help please.

If possible, please e-mail me with advice.

Martin Stillman, professor of chemistry

then UNdoes all the file copying -

what's going on?

How do I install sp4?

Thanks for any help

Vikas Ramnani [MSFT]

Are any of the services disabled:

World Wide Web Publishing
IIS Admin

You can check this out via services.msc


This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Martin Stillman

Thank you - answer is that all were disabled -

I made them automatic and started WWW and FTP ok

BUT IIS Admin Service would not start and returned:
error 3 - cannot find path specified

I think that the missing METABASE that stopped sp4
installing is the cause - but how to reset the METABASE?

I checked on the web - and there seem to be confusion on
how to reinstall the METABASE files - I assume no METABASE
means that IIS Admin cannot start.

Thank you for any help. Martin Stillman, professor of

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