HELP sound troubles still not fixed.



I have done everything I can possibly do other then crash my comp and start
completely new. I have updated everything and STILL anything that uses sound
is scratchy. Sounds like the chipmunks, But the music and stuff is still
playing the right speed, but the voice is wrong. I am so clueless about
this. I really want to get this problem fixed but I dont have the $ to take
into the shop. I would like to listen to my xmas music I have but it just
isnt right. Someone please halp. I so appreciate it Thanks in advanced!




Go to Start>Run and enter


Make sure the control panel is classic view.

Look for AudioHQ or Sounds Effect Manager or something related to sound

If AudioHQ, Click "EAX Control Panel" and select (No Effects) in
the second Drop down list

Do you have an audio icon in the task bar tray called "AC97 Audio"? If so,
double click the icon, then you should a tab called "Sound Effect" , click
this. Then you should see a Drop down list called "Enviroment" and select
then click "ok"

Or Do you know the name of your Audio Card? If not, go to Start>Run and


then go to "Sound, video, and game controllers", double click this and this
have the name your audio card. Then I can step you through this.

Good Luck


I don't know what kind of support you have been getting as I just got on
tonight. Go into device manager,I imagine you know where that is, if not
write me back and I'll go into detail. Under IDE ATI/ATAPI controllers.
Right click on the second and third lines,,, primary and secondary
controllers and it will say " update driver" and uninstall, What you want
to do is Uninstall both of those. Primary and Secondary ,,and not the
very first one. Then restart your computer right away. After you restart
check both those on the advanced tab and make sure that Ultra dma is checked
if you have that option. Your cd player should sound fine after that and
make sure those options DMA are checked. Let me know how you make out.


Hello William.....I did what you said and the enviornment was already set at
none. The card is "Realtek AC'97 Audio" dont know anything else! Thanks


Hi Michael
I did as you instructed and that didnt even work. Any other suggestions?
Thanks in Advanced!!


which realtec AC97 driver version are you using? Drivers AFTER A3.62 are
known to have bugs in them re: 3D sound and environment effects, 3.62 was
the last stable version.



Comp Tech

Make sure your speakers are plugged into the correct jack.
I know it sounds unlikely but just do it.

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