W.M.Player sound distorted



around xmas time, wmp 11 got installed,,,i dont like,,,tried for
several days to delete it, revert to mp 10,(i like),,,never could get
11 to uninstall,,,then things got so screwed up i did a backup,
repaired xp install, thing were good, transfered backup etc...but wmp
10 music sound distorted,,videos seem ok,,,everything else on pc sounds

ok.,, installed Winamp, plays fine / clear.,,,installed wmp 11,,still
distorted,,it did uninstall so im back to using 10,,,,i searched here
and tried a few fixes, restored sounds / reg fix @kelly
Nvidia drivers,& soundmax drivers,but didnt work,,
music files transfered to my MP3 player sound fine,,,plz
help me,,,thanks all,,,southtown43701 / Jim S.,,,,,,oh, if your a
NASCAR fan, i just heard Bobby Hamilton Sr. died / throat cancer.,,,he
was a class act, we'll miss him




Simply open device mgr,expand the sound tree,R.click the sound hardware And
select uninstall,do for all sound hardware listed w/o restarting,once
out shutdown pc.If you have a PCI sound card,power off pc,move the card to
a diffrent PCI slot,restart pc.XP will reinstall on start up.Also,WMP 11
is in add/remove programs.

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