Help: Restore after Hibernation takes...3 minutes to complete !!

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Philippe [Switzerland]

Hello there,

Indeed, lately this procedure takes now...LONGER than
if I'm rebooting my PC "all the way" (XP Pro)!!

I already tried to disable temporarily this Hibernate mode
and rebooting my system...but after just a few new such
hibernation tasks, I'm "back to square one" again.
(But otherwise my system works "just fine"; though!).

So I'd be really very thankful for any valid tips now...
Bye, Philippe.

Mark L. Ferguson

The system is probably trying to do DHCP for the Lan card. It waits for the
'timeout', then restarts.

One workaround is to disconnect, and if cable or other always on connection,
set a static IP for the LAN card properties (tcp/ip properties set to
"192.168.0.?, subnet mask"

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