A Restore after a Hibernate takes LONGER than a...complete reboot !!

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Philippe [Switzerland]


Indeed, since a certain time now, this process takes much too long
and I even noticed that my HDD is ticking too slowly and therefore
needs too much time to reload all datas after such a Hibernation!

Of course, I already tried to disable (temporarily) this hibernate
function, rebooting and deleting afterwards the file "hiberfil.sys".
This does seem to improve slightly the speed at first...but after
a few new hibernations I'm back to square one...unfortunately!
(And I even performed a defragmentation of my harddisk).

So I'm now "wondering" if there's perhaps "a special Tweak" at
hand (or any other "trick") for repairing this kind of problem...??
But otherwise my OS (XP Pro) works just fine!

Thank you very much in advance for your valid tips...hopefully.

Regards, Philippe.

Mark L. Ferguson

It's possible you can speed up the restart by setting the "work offline'
option in IE (see IE file menu) before hibernation.

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