Resume after Hibernating takes too much time!!

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Philippe [Switzerland]

Hi there,

Indeed, this takes nowadays MORE time than rebooting in full my
system! Yep, I can even here it how slowly my HDD "ticks away"!

I already tried to fix it by disabling this mode, rebooting and then
re-enabling my hibernate function again...but to no avail, though...

So any valid tips of how to increase now my "resume after hibernate"
task would be really very much appreciated; thank you in advance.
(I have "XP Pro").

Best regards from Switzerland,
Philippe Borel

Jeff Ingram

How fragmented is your hard drive? I've try running a defrag on it with the
defrag tool that comes with XP, Norton Speed Disk, or O&O's defrag tool.

Let us know how that works for ya!



One other thing, load time also depends upon how much memory you have
installed. If you have recently installed more memory, it's going to take
longer to load... Hibernate is basically a memory dump to the HD. The more
things you have running when you go into hibernate, the longer it's going to
take to resume...

Philippe [Switzerland]

Thank you very much to Jeff and FeMaster for their valid input!

Well, I've by now defragmented...twice my HD and in regard of memory
(RAM), for the past two years or so I haven't added any additional...
(Currently I've got 192MB, which is surely not "that much" for XP).

You see, whenever I disable "hibernate" and re-enable it (after rebooting),
the time will be dramatically reduced... But after just a very few new such
hibernate tasks, I'll be back to my good 'ol "snail-resume" (yaks!!).

So, "hmm"...

Best regards to the two of you,

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