Help moving from POP to POP+Exchange to Exchange only



I would be grateful for some advice on the following situation.

We are transitioning from a POP-based server from an external provider to an
internal Exchange server. We have set up the Exchange accounts on all users'
Outlook profiles, and have uploaded all legacy e-mail to Exchange in this

We are now ready to switch delivery over to the Exchange server.

1. How can we cause Outlook to reply to legacy e-mail delivered by the POP
server using the Exchange account?

2. What will be the problems, if any, of deleing the POP accounts from
users' Outlook profiles? In the past, I have noticed problems where Outlook
attempts to access parts of accounts even after they've been deleted.

Does anyone have a recommended way forward? Do we need to delete users'
Outlook profiles and start again from scratch (will this expunge Outlook's
memory of the POP account)?

Tx & rgds

Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

This page is a good place to start, it goes into detail on how to get your
Exchange Server on the Internet:
Exchange - SMTP

In our case, our ISP was aliasing his server as (the MX and A
records pointed at him). When we finished setting up the Exchange Server,
we had our ISP substitute our MX and A records for his. As soon as that
propagated mail ceased flowing to his server and into the Exchange Server.
There really weren't any legacy POP issues since his went "dead" the same
instant ours went "live". There were no issues removing the legacy POP

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Thanks Hal

Actually, the question wasn't really on the server side (the MX record has
already been switched over and delivery seems to be fine). The question was
really about legacy e-mail in users' accounts. Each e-mail message seems to
be tagged with the account through which it was recived. And Outlook (not
Exchange) seems to misbehave sometimes when replying to an e-mail received
with an account that has been deleted from the user's outlook profile.

Any ideas?

Tx & rgds

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