Outlook 2003 - SMTP to Exchange 2010 Migration


Casey Chambliss

Our business has about 175 users all using Outlook 2003 and we currently are
using IMail as our mail server.

I have just installed Exchange 2010 and would like to miagrate all of my
users over to the new server.

Currently the only way to add the Exchange account to my end user's Outlook
is to have the close out of Outlook and for me to manually setup the account
using Mail from the Control Panel. Ofcourse we have to change the default
settings to communicate with the Exchange 2010 server using encrypted data
for it to work. We currently are not using the GPO (outlk11.adm) because we
had previously set all workstations up by manually visiting each one.

My question is this:
How can I automate the setup of these accounts on my end user's workstations
so that when they log into their workstation, the Exchange account will be
there for them to use?

Roady [MVP]

Use the Office 2003 Resource Kit to create a prf-file and then deploy this
prf-file to your users. This can be done via a logon script.

Casey Chambliss

This setup would be for users who are already using Outlook and have a
profile setup. I have tried to produce the MST file using both the "Custome
Installation Wizard" and the "Custom Maintenance Wizard". I have followed the
instructions to run the setup on the workstation:


and it doesn't seem to install or change anything for the user.

Am I missing something?

Casey Chambliss

Found my answer here:

Looks to method 4: Update existing Outlook 2003 profiles by using a custom
..prf file

Looks like that worked for creating the profile and connecting to the
Exchange 2010 server, but now how do I get my user's old PST file into
Outlook so that it will show it by default? I know it's still there, but I
don't want to touch all of my workstations.

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