Multiple Exchange Accounts (different servers) in Outlook 2010



Used the multiple exchange accounts functionality through the Beta and had 3
accounts (all off of the same Exchange server) configured with no problems.

Now have installed the RTM version of Outlook 2010 and since the limit is
now more than 3 I tried to add a couple more Exchange accounts (test server
and home server) and am having NO success.

I can add the accounts with no error but the mailboxes never show up in the
folders list on the left. If I go into account settings it shows "selected
account delivers new messages to..." pointing to the .ost file of the first
exchange account configured (instead of to a separate one... yet the messages
never really seem to be delivered there), trying to change it only seems to
screw up the good Exchange account.

If I try to add a 4th (5th, etc) Exchange account off of our main server
there is no issue... it's just when trying to add external exchange accounts
that this problem occurs. I have tested both onsite (direct connect to
exchange for the local accounts) and offisite (with all accounts including
the local ones being RPC over HTTP), that doesn't seem to have any bearing

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Peter Foldes

Deadhead from egghead expecting someone to see this post that is leeched to a 2 year
old thread

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