Outlook 2003 - what happens to messages w/ Exchange and POP accoun




Question for the group. I am on an exchange server and have several pop
accounts set up in Outlook 2003. I have a rule to move the POP messages to a
personal folder upon receipt. Exchange is the default mailbox because that is
the one connected to my blackberry.

Couple questions:

Does outlook put the message directly into the personal folder (i.e. it
never touches the exchange post), or does it write it to the exchange post
first and then move it?

If the latter, when the rule applies and the message is moved to the
personal folder, does any record of the POP message stay in the exchange box
or no?

I have multiple accounts, but I am sensitive to not putting personal email
into exchange.

All help appreciated, as I would much prefer to use Outlook than Thunderbird
to read my pop mail accounts.


Roady [MVP]

AFAIK; In Outlook 2003 it would be directly written to the pst-file.
Even if it would be going via the Exchange mailbox, due to Cached Exchange
mode it would never hit the on-line mailbox so nothing gets written to the
Exchange server.

You might also benefit from upgrading to Outlook 2007 as you can then manage
separate delivery stores for your accounts without any rules. It also
manages your Sent Items, Deleted Items and Junk E-mail folder separately.

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