Deleting Microsoft Exchange Server


Roger Freeman

I have read the threads but I still cannot delete a profile. I'm in Outlook
2007 on Vista Ultimate at home, and with difficulty I've synchronized my
Outlook files (other than e-mail, namely Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes)
from my office Outlook with my BlackBerry files at home by setting up a new
personal .pst profile/file, BUT I'm asked repeatedly for my Server password
with a pop-up box, etc. It's a nuisance!

When I go into Mail Profile, Data File, or Accounts from Outlook, I always
get this message when I try to "Remove" the Exchange Server profile (my own
personal profile is set as the default):

"You cannot delete this Outlook datafile. Configuration information is
being transferred to your new default data file. You can delete it after
information has been copied."

It never finishes "copying" so I can never remove it!

What can I do? Otherwise Outlook is a beautiful program and I'd love it...
(I don't synchronize my Outlook 2007 on this computer with any e-mail
account, it's all intended to be off-line.)



If the Mail applet in the control panel will not let you delete the existing
mail profiles, you can whack them out of the registry. The location Outlook
uses to store this information is at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows
Messaging Subsystem\Profiles

You would use regedit and navigate to this location. On the right side, you
would delete the entry called DefaultProfile.

Click on the "+" next to the folder Profiles. Under the folder "Profiles"
is a folder for each and every Mail profile defined under your logon id.
You would delete each folder under the "Profiles" folder.

Do *NOT* delete any folders that exists right under "Windows Messaging

At this point, you should be able to create a new profile with whatever
properties you want.

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