Mail User Profile and Data Files



My Outlook 2007 no longer start and I believe it is the outlook pst file that
has been coorupted. I have deleted the profile from the Mail control panel
icon and started with new profile. Outlook start well asking me my various
info to set up the email service. Everything is fine to taht point but the
minute I try to setup the data files (pst formoat either) I get the fol msg.

This information service is not install on your computer.

The next box dialogue box from Outlook at startup is:

Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot
fulfill the message request. Plsease run Outlook and set it as the default
mail client.

Roady [MVP]

If you created a new mail profile, it also create a new pst-file so if you
still cannot start Outlook then, the issue is not caused by a corrupted mail
Try doing a repair on your Office installation and then recreate your mail

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