Help installing with W2KSP4_EN.EXE



An HP Printer I want to use with an old machine running the default install
of Windows 2000 demands SP4 or the install of the printer's drivers fail.

There is no connection to the Internet nor a modem on the machine so I have
to get the service pack onto the c:\ of the host machine that needs to be
updated. I had to disassemble the the W2KSP4 Cab File so its content could
be put onto two Zip disks the old machine can read.

I see no setup.exe in i386 folder. Where is it? I tried running winnt.exe
from the Safe Mode command line and apparently its only used when updating
W2000 to XP.

So does anybody know how I can get SP4 onto the old machine and run the
install of the service packs from a Safe Mode command line?

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