SP4 installing problem


Yung Lu

I tried to install the SP4 for my Win2K for my computer. I
keep having the message

Connecting to
http://w2ksp4.microsoft .com/isapi/pstream3.dll/win2000/sp4

The following error occurred while service pack 4 setup
attempted to download the service pack 4 files from the
internet: A connection with the server could not be

If this error persists after you have clicked Retry
several times, go to the Windows 2000 Services Pack Web
Site and select "Problems downloading the Service pack."
This will give you the instructions on how to download a
version of the service pack that does not require a Web
Connection during the installation.

I try to find "the Problems downloading the Service pack"
but I could not find. I would appreciated if you can
provide any help.
Thanks in advance.

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