Help - After SP 4 on W2K - Print Jobs say "Printing" on HP 1000 printer, but never print. Must rest



Hi folks,

I'm having an odd problem. Judging from the group I'm not the only one
with printer problems after service pack 4.

I had a client PC running Windows 2000 Professional. It was on service
pack 2 and printer just find. After I upgraded it to Service Pack 4 I have
a problem where print jobs say they are printing, but they are not. The
spooler service must be restarted for the print job to print.

Here some more details:

These are small print jobs, 1.5K or so.
The jobs cannot be cancelled. Only stoping and restarting the spooler
service fixes it.
The printer is a HP 1000 - USB.
The are printing using an old DOS app.
If it prints, it can print dozens of pages without a problem.
It's always the first print in a while that does it. It never happens in
the middle.
Almost always after a restart the first print job will hang.
I've updated the USB host drivers to the lastest version on HP Web site.
I've updated the Print drivers.
I've uninstalled everything, and reinstalled everything related to the HP

Any ideas? I'm pretty much out of ideas....

John Riggle
MCP since 1996.


I'm having a very simular problem. I have Windows Service that I wrot
in Visual Basic, this service creates PDF files using a Print Drive
and since upgrading to SP4 it has failed to work. All print job
created by the service just hang. If I run the program manually i
works fine. (One exception, my print functions are in an ActiveX DLL
wrote and if this is registered through MTS (Component Services) th
manual methods fails as well).
Anyway, I believe it is something to do with some security changes wit
sp4, but I haven't been able to pinpoint or corect it as of yet.

I would be gratefull for any help


Brian Smither

I have Windows Service that I wrote
in Visual Basic, this service creates PDF files using a Print Driver
and since upgrading to SP4 it has failed to work. All print jobs
created by the service just hang.

I have no real solution for you. My experience:

When jobs came in to the print server, they then just disappeared without
printing. The cause was that the owner of the print job (a 'regular' user
on the LAN) did not have (NTFS) permission to create files in the %system%
\spool\printers directory.

*However*, everyone on the LAN is running W2KSP2. So for your problem, I
cannot help other than to ask, "Are you running NTFS and have you given
your service/application permissions?"

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