From Windows 95 to Windows Vista SP1 RC1 - the Evolution of the Start Button

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non flammable on XP

The vista start button stole its concept from other OS's like

but now the stupid round ORB (perl) of vista creates problem for support
techs all over the world... just imagine this conversation:

user = Hello I have a problem with my text editor...
tech= Ok.. lets see if we can fix it.. press start then to to all programs
user= wait wait wait.. .I dont see any start!
tech= is your computer on sir?
user= of course its on you moron!
tech= its on and you do not see a start button? Hmm are you using vista by
any chance?
user= Oh yeah this stupid new version of windows that sales man gave me ..
who made this crap? Nothing works here!
tech= ok they changed the start with the ORB, do you see it?
user= what the heck is an orb Sir???
Tech= they also call it perl.. its a round thing with a flag on it!
User= I dont see no perl and I dont see no flag!
Tech= Well it supposed to be a flag.. thats how it started out but now its
more like a squarish thing with 4 colors!!! AARRRGHHHHH!!!! Just put your
mouse in the left bottom corner of the screen and press the left mouse
User= WHat are you yelling at you overgrown baboon?? This vista program is
the startbutton is an orb a perl with a flag thats not a flag.....
Tech.. = ok let me take some pills and I will guide you on how to change
vista to the classic theme! argggg


You sure are an idiot. A real mental midget. Just FYI. Always posting
crap that means nothing. Just FYI.

Stupid Moron. Go use Ubuntu

Just FYI


non flammable on XP wrote:

....some brainless bullsh*t article from one of his wannabe e-rag
journalists friends...who is also just as numb and dumb as he is.
Hey capin' crunch...draw a big "start" signs on your cardboard space
ship and push it 1 million times...hahaha...LOL!
Then come back (not!) and tell us what happened.

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