Ileana Negru

Florida training camp trip!!!!!

Our group was waiting in the hallway in the airport waiting for our flight
at seven in the morning. We all were there after our parents dropped us off
and we checked our checking bags and carry on. All of us were finding
something to do in that hour till we could depart on the plane. Some of us
went to a shop to buy gums, books, and some drinks, some were listening to
music and talking about how the training is going to be there. As the hour
passed we were called up to go.

We all had to show the flight attendants our boarding passes and pass ports
for us to be allowed in. As we found our seat in the plane and arranged
ourselves we had to buckle up and get ready for our take off of the plane.
We waited a couple of minutes and the plane started to drive off. It was
getting faster by the second, by a minute the plane was at a speed were it
could take off. Most of us were chewing gum so it would be better for our
ears not to pop. After the plane was settling and it wasn't bumpy anymore
the flight attendants were coming around to give us drinks or snacks for the
ride. We all were sitting close together so we could talk and tell each
other what was on TV screen.

Almost three hours passed by and were almost there. We were all talking
about seeing the ocean and how hot it would be outside. We all were excited
to see the palm trees and soon enough the plane was landing. At first it was
a rough landing then it got smooth as the plane was stopping. We were
getting our carry on bags and waiting inline to get off the plane, we
finally got there and started walking faster to go out. We got our rental
cars for the week and we were off to go to the hotel. It was two in the
morning and we couldn't really tell what was out side but we did see palm
trees.J We got to the hotel and went to our rooms. The girls were on the
first floor and the boys were on the second floor, our couch Rob was on the
second floor as well. Even though we got in at 2 in the morning we still had
practice in the morning as well at six. Some of the girls and boys stayed up
all the night for fun and some couldn't.

It was now 5:30 and it was time to go so the girls that were in my room as
well, toke our swim bags and went to the cars. We all had no idea were this
pool was and it was dark as well so that made it so much harder to find the
street name and the pool which was the university called Pine crest. We all
reached the school but we didn't find the pool we got out of the car and
started walking and looking for it and as we knew were it could be because
our coach told us it would be this way the gates were locked. It was a
pretty far walk so now we had to go all the way back to the cars and go the
other side of the gates.

As we did we saw the pool and went on deck to get ready for our practice
which was said to be easy. The practice was easy which was what we need
after the long day at the airport and we had to get used with the new

The first days were the same we went to practice in the morning at 6 till 8
and then we came back at the hotel and made breakfast. All of us had to
decide what we wanted to do that day like go to the mall or the beach and
mostly we all wanted to go to the beach because the days were hot and it was
sunny most of the time. Afternoon practice started at 2 to 4 and it was the
hottest time of day and all of us were in the water training and we got some
big tans on our backs, and we of course had the goggle tan. The first couple
of days the training in the water was brutal. It was long and hard for
everyone. We all need rest and food to have good workouts for each day and
for the next day.

The mall was good there and all of us went in different groups to different
stores. We saw good deals there and different things around. For lunch we
ate at the food court and need to pick something smart because we had
practice right after and you need some easy. At beaches it was amazing to
see the waves that were big and the different people there at south beach.
The days we went the beach we made lunch for everybody and packed it up and
toke it with us to the beach. All of went in the water and we were having
fun and laughing at each other falling in the waves. Sometimes after the
beach we went shopping at gifts shop to get stuff for our families.

The hardest days that we had were near the end. In the morning we had to
swim 8 km and then from the pool to the hotel right after we had to run
there which was 12 km, after we had to rest. In the afternoon we had to swim
again, another Kim. We did this for almost 3 days and it was the hardest
thing we have done so far. It was painful to do it and we all were so sore.
When we went to malls we had to walk around and we couldn't do that because
our muscles were hurting so much, all of were like limping. It was turning
out to be fine because we gave each other massages which helped a lot.

The last day was turning out to be easier because we were leaving so it was
suppose to be.

We packed up and started heading for the airport to come back to our
families for Christmas holidays.

Everyone liked Florida a lot and we'll probably never forget it. The
training was hard but it was a lot of fun to do.

Even thou when we got back and we were now in our own pool in etobicoke the
training was harder then Florida which is hard to believe.

We all wish we could do it again and turn back the time that's how fun it
was. J

By: Joanna Maria


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