Went to a live filming last night


Mar 25, 2003
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...of 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown :thumb:

It was really interesting to see how it all worked, I love behind the scenes stuff. What really surprised me though was that they were filming the Christmas Special!! :eek: I knew that things were filmed in advance, but I had no idea that things were filmed THAT FAR in advance :lol:

The whole thing probably took over 2 hours to film, so it will be cut back a lot for TV. Jimmy Carr was such a slick professional though, I was really impressed at how smoothly it all went. There were very few bits that had to be repeated. Also his teeth are very white and his hair is very shiny in real life.

Anyone here been an audience member for a TV show? I'd recommend going along if you get the chance, and I imagine there's a lot more on offer in London than here in Manchester. The tickets were free but it took two attempts to go because they massively oversubscribe (the reason being that they don't want empty seats). We got turned away the first time, but as a result we got priority tickets the second time :nod:


Feb 23, 2002
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It was great fun to go and see, but it is a long day for a short episode - I imagine the hosts/cast must be really tired after filming 2 episodes back to back (we got there at 4:15PM and left at 8:30PM, and there was still another episode to be filmed).

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