Sep 30, 2005
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Well I ran into some trouble getting a Skylake i7. The original company I ordered from kept telling me there were delays in delivery from their suppliers, I'll cover that later on when I have resolved matters with them. Also it seems that i7's are rarer than hens teeth here in the uk.So after giving up on the original order I went looking. Now for just once this year the gods smiled on me. I found a i7 at the above company so I rang them up and asked "do you really have a real i7 in stock. Yup they answered, so I ordered one there and then. It did cost £60 more than my first choice but was the cheapest UK option and they had one in stock. I know £60 extra is a lot of loot but nearly all my other parts have been sitting around for a month or so and will soon be out of warranty. So having bit the bullet I waited nervously for fate to send a gremlin my way.

Instead I got a e-mail within ten minutes telling me my order had been processed. Then another e-mail and another and another in all I had seven e-mails telling me about delivery and tracking etc etc.

A lot of e-mails for sure.Very efficient.Would the service match up ?

Now I ordered this on the 19 th in the morning and had four e-mails by dinner time. One of which offered the choice of picking up the parcel from a local shop. As they had indicated delivery for Tuesday the 20 th and this was not suitable for me as I would be out all day I chose the shop pick up, all it took was a few clicks and job done.

So of I trolled to the shop today and whoopeeeee the nice lady in the sweet shop gave me a loverly parcel. I rushed home and took of the wrapping and opened the box and unwrapped the bubble wrap and found my very own Skylake i7. I nearly cried.

Not because of the excellent service. Nope it was because I still had to wait till the end of the week or early next week for my ram to arrive.


So well done DigitalPromo and their excellent choice of courier DPD. If only all orders were so pain free.

As you can see the i7 is no longer available at DP so I recon I got the last one. :lol::thumb:




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