Intel i7-5820K & i7-5930K Tested


Feb 23, 2002
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MadShrips take a look at the new Haswell-E CPUs, the Intel i7-5820K & i7-5930K:

This time there will be no more quad core entry model; the i7-4820K has to give way for an unlocked hexa-core model in the shape of the Core i7-5820K. A logic choice by Intel as nobody ever understood why the i7-4820K ever saw the daylight; this as it had close to no advantage over Intel's mainstream quad core processor line up. On top of that the requirement of quad channel memory and cashing out for a more expensive LGA 2011 motherboard made this entry Quad core LGA2011 model a not so hot selling product. The new i7-5820K might be a viable and interesting option for a multi-GPU crunching/gaming setup as this hexacore model retails only a bit higher than the mainstream quad core Devils Canyon i7-4970K. Featuring 15MB of level 3 cache, a TDP of 140W and official Intel quad channel DDR4-2133 support it could become one of Intel's best sellers for the Hasswel-E platform.

Read the review here:

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