File name missing in My Pictures thumbnail view



I like to display the folders in thumbnail view in My Pictures. Previously
the name of the folder used to be displayed beneath the thumbnail icon but
suddenly they have disappeared and I can't figure out how to get them back.
The best I can do is get the folder name to display in a pop up when I hover
my cursor over the thumbnail, but this isn't quite how I want it to display.
I have tried resetting to the default folder view and "choosing details" from
the View menu in My Pictures to select which attributes of the file I want
displayed, but this still hasn't brought the name back beneath each folder in
thumbnail view. The only thing I can think of that I changed recently that
might have caused this is that I downloading photos from one folder in My
Pictures to my iPod.

Thanks for any help!

David Candy

It's a stupid feature and if they really wanted it in XP then it should be on the view menu not in a hidden and secret key/menu sequence. Another common problem is some video cards have a hotkey that rotates one's screen.

Hidden features are stupid features.

Goodbye Web Diary
Nickyxx5 said:
Brilliant - thank you.

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