Fax Console is duplicating fax logs



I am running Windows XP Professional, and am using Fax Console via our
company's server. Fax Console used to work fine, saving one copy of all sent
faxes in the Sent Items folder.

About a month ago I opened the Console to make sure a fax had gone through,
and I noticed all records had been duplicated. (All of them - even the faxes
sent before the problem occurred)

Now, when I send a fax, it duplicates it in the Outbox, and when it is done
sending I get two copies in Sent Items.

Is there a setting somewhere on my PC that is out of whack?

There are 15 pc's on our network, all of them use the server fax, and no one
else has this issue.


Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Never been reported to my knowledge. See if you can find the steps to repro
so we can report it. Include the relevant details you left out.

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