Excessive print head cleaning on EPSON CX4600

Aug 3, 2006
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Hi all,

I've got a problem with my EPSON CX4600 printer. I bought it brand new about 2.5 years ago, and have used it occasionally, mostly for black and white prints, with the occasional weekend stints when the kids want to print color stuff.

I've purchased one complete set of ink (CMYK) last week, and printed about 60 full color 8 x 10 prints, no problem. I needed more ink, so I bought another set of the identical ink this week. I installed new ink cartridges for all four inks, and printed about 10 full color prints, then started to get some minor lines, indicative of needing to clean the heads.

Ever since then, I cannot get a good printout from the printer. I've performed about 15 head cleaning operations, via the EPSON Utility, and have gobbled up more than half of the ink remaining. Now it's starting to get ridiculous... what could be the problem? Is it the ink? Could it be a problem with the printer? It's the first time that I've really pushed the printer with so many full color printouts at one time. Even then, I shouldn't need to clean the heads so many times?

Can anyone give me some ideas or pointers on what to try; or what could be the problem?

Thank you!



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Mar 5, 2002
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I consider Epson heads as being a tad delicate for a long lifespan and you are over "my" limit by half a year. ;)

When the print head dies and your nozzle test gives poor results, then you have few if any options.

If you cannot get it clean through the standard methods in the printer menus, then use an old ink tank and fill with cleaner, which is methylated spirits, (denatured alcohol), then run a few full pages, hoping this will clean out the nozzles.

Replace the ink tanks and test after a full page picture.

If you can modify a syringe to fit over the Epson ink tank printer head interface, then position it over the nozzle vent hole, you can force some cleaner down through the print head, then you may be lucky. If you place some absorbent paper under the nozzles, you can check as each colour is being cleaned or wicks through the print head.

It is possible to remove and try to clean the print heads, but rarely worth the effort.

You may find you need a new printer. :thumb:
Sep 17, 2005
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I had 3 epson printers before I just gave up and went to HP

The ink was far too expensive, the printing results deteriorated after a year or so and when I put in third party cartridges it dies completely as it blocked the nozzles.

Not happy.

Never using epson again.

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