Excel 2007 Shared file corruption?



We use a workbook at our office that we all share and use at the same time.
A couple of days ago, one computer would not display the cell formatting that
everyone else could see. We just worked through it and did not notice any
other issues.

Today, the same user began to enter data and soon after we received error
messages stating "cannot read file" when trying to save or close. We had
everyone close all workbooks and than opened on one station only, still had
the same error. We resarted the Server where the data is stored, tried to
open and save the file from a worksatation and again had the error. It will
display the same message two times and than a third message that it cannot be
saved/closed etc. We can open the file without any problems and type in the
cells, but not save or close.

We are in the process of restoring from a backup and will try again. Any
ideas as to what causes this or how to fix? I used the built in analyzer for
Excel and it told me everything was fine and could not find any errors. I
have yet to have a problem that the built in program can even see!

We are using Office 2007 standard with all updates installed.



Ben Solomon (BTS)

Brady, take a look at my later post, "Format Overflow Causing Formating Loss
When Saving", some of the problems you are seeing looks similar to what we
have experienced.


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