Excel 2007 - File Open and Repair



Running XL 2007 SP1 on Vista SP1, on a office network

Try File open and repair of .xlsx files, receive error:
Excel cannot open the file "filename.xlsx" because the file format or file
extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that
the file extension matches the format of the file.

Tested on several computers all the same, but if do it on an .xls file no
problem, if convert same file to 2007 using the convert up function, save,
close then try file open repair then get error.

Tested by just creating a blank document, typed word test, saved it as excel
2007, closed, then file open and repair, get message.

Tested same on multiple computers, EXCEPT for ONE it works with no problems,
even on all of the exact same files. Compared all the excel options all
exactly the same.
Checked file type associations all the same.
Could it be a word option affecting the excel?

Tried test by turn option for DDE on and off, doesn't work
found one option that works on some of computers- Exel Options, Advanced,
General. Show add-in user interface errors.
But there is no difference between the computers for add-ins all only have
the adobe pro add-in
If check that option sometimes it works, if uncheck sometimes work.
Yet the one working computer the open repair works doesn't make a difference
if the DDE or the Show error is checked or unchecked both work either way.
Can't find any difference on that one computer compared to all the other
computers. No special software installed, no extra add-ins, nothing

Noticed on the computer that it does work on, get the regular repair message
when it opens the repair, and click to view log..... file located

We checked permissions on the temp folder all have full permissions.
cleaned out all temp files off computer and cleaned out that temp folder.
thinking that since the other computers were not getting that pop up message
maybe it was a permission issue on the folder, or file type association, but
when compared to the computer it works on they are all the same settings.

Any ideas :)


Systems are all updated, currently rolling out SP2 for Vista and Office 2007,
other then that all same configurations.

Only works on one computer, and it has same config as the others.

No not changing extension, just going to office orb selecting save and
giving a file name, not changing the file type at bottom at all, allowing
system to generate the extension.


PS non of these computers has received the install yet for the sp2 packages.
(sent by sms)

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