shared workbook error message


dan clemence

I have several users using excel 2007 and they are sharing work book, but
when we save we try to save the workbook we get the error message

"excel was unable to save the workboom because there was a problem reading
or applying part of the revision history".

All the computors are brand new and fully up to date dose any one have a
solution to this problem?

Any help would be great
cheers dan

Simon Murphy

Unshare it, that will remove the history, then reshare it.
You should probably unshare shared workbooks every week or two just to
clear out the history, then reshare them.

Excel development website:


I know this is not very helpfull, but we have the same issue as you with a
shared workbook. What I did was uninstall both Service Packs (or in some
cases uninstalled Office 2007, re-installed w/o any service packs and the
sharing works great. At this time, we have applied only 1 security update,
KB967642 to ensure that comments are shared.

Another error we have discovered is that without the above security update,
comments will not be shared/saved by users. You will not get any errors, it
just does not save and you will not know unless someone is looking for your
comment or you close and re-open the workbook and the comment is gone.

I have a test computer I am working on with a fresh 2007 install (again no
Serive Packs) and applying each update one at a time to see which one is
killing the sharing.


This was a particularly onerous problem for us. I bet it only happens with
shared workbooks when a comment is changed by 1 or more users during shared
I called Microsoft about this, they admitted it was a bug, and that it would
be fixed in the next version.

Save the book as an .xls, NOT an .xlsx file. You won't be able to use 2007
for shared workbooks having comments that may be edited.
That should fix the issue.


We recently upgraded to 2007 and changed the shared file we use to an xlsx.
Are you suggesting that the problem is due to adding comments onto cells and
that causes the inability to save.

So as I understand it we need to go back to an xls or don't add anymore
comments. Is it as simple as that?

Many thanks

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