Excel 2002 error when saving workbook


Meredith Crochet

We have Excel 2002 at work. Yesterday Excel was running, with a workbook
open, during a storm with repeated electricity spikes. The office completely
lost power, at which time the computer was left shutdown until I arrived this

Upon opening the workbook and making new entries, when I attempted to save
the file, I received the "Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and must
shutdown" message. I did sent a report to Microsoft. I can open, change, and
save any other Excel file, but none of the same type as the problem workbook.

Example: We sell tickets in our office. I can open, change, and save
inventories...no problem. When I attempt to do the same to a salesbook, any
version, I get the error message.

I have installed all updates, including SP3. I have performed a system
restore to a date when the workbook operated correctly.

We need this file for end-of-month reporting...in two days!

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!

Meredith Crochet

I have recently deleted the registry for Excel, as well as any history for
Windows Explorer. Still have the same problem...this one file, no matter
whether it is for this month or another, will not allow me to save.


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