Excel 2000 problem


Bruce Barbour

Running XP and had full Microsoft Office 2000 installed and working.
But in trying to open Excel today, Windows Installer program came up and
then "Installation Source for this product is not available. Verify
Source exists and that you can access it"

Same messages appear when attempting to re-install Excel from CD. CD
will not autoplay and quits after little music intro. In list of all
programs installed, Excel listed with other Microsoft 2000 programs,
Word, PowerPoint, etc, all of which work fine and launch properly, but
clicking on Excel produces aforesaid message.

Went in with explorer.exe and launched Excel from Excel icon in folder.
Works fine and old data still there from previous use. However, that is
the only way I can launch Excel. Can this be fixed or is CD spoiled?


Hi Bruce,

Right-click on the Desktop Icon and click Properties. See where the
information points to.

Use Explore and go to where Excel works. Right-click on that icon and
compare the information in both.

Now use Copy and paste, and paste the correct information into the
Desktop Icon Properties.

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