Event ID: 7011 and 7022



Services.exe hangs the computer at startup for several
miniutes. The event viewer returns the message: Timeout
(30000 milliseconds) waiting for a transaction response
from the Messenger service. This occurs 5-7 times at
every boot up. Once it gets past this everythings ok.
Computer is on a network (Wired 5e) with one other
computer-no server. Occasionally I get Event ID: 7022 The
DNS Client service hung on startup.

Any ideas?







The 7011 generally means that "A control message could not
be sent to a service. User Action: Retry the operation. If
the problem persists, ask your system administrator to
stop and then restart the service. It may be necessary to
contact the vendor of the service."

Is this on Windows 2000 Pro or Server?

The simplest thing to do is to stop/restart the offending
service. You could manually start the service after boot
instead of it occurring automatically.

Kindest regards,


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