Error when upconverting certain .xls documents to .xlsx



I have a client running Office 2007. Sometimes (but not always) when saving
an .xls file as an .xlsx file, she receives an error message that looks like:

"The name, EMP2, either conflicts with a valid range reference or is invalid
for Excel. The name has been replaced with _EMP2.
You may still need to manually update any references to this name used in
VBA code or as text arguments in functions. You must close and reopen the
workbook before these changes take effect."

It gives options for "OK" and "OK to All". Unless "OK to All" is pushed, the
message will appear for many other names (10 or so times). Some of the names
include EMP2, FFO1, FFO2, FFO3, etc.

I've tested these .xls files on other computers - both in the building, and
outside - with the exact same result. It's definitely something to do with
the files.

Why is this?




This happens when you open an Excel 97-2003 file in Excel 2007. This file was
created in a previous version of Excel.

The workbook contains corruption. A workbook cannot have multiple identical
Defined Names in the same workbook.

*** Resolution ***

Excel 2003:
"Round-Trip" the file in Excel 2003:

Here are the steps to "Round-Trip" a file:
Save the file in HTML format

If you can open the corrupted Excel file, you can filter it if you save it
format, close the file, and then reopen it. To do this, follow these steps:
1. On the File menu, click Save as Web Page.
2. Under Save, click Entire Workbook, and then click Save.
3. Close the file.
4. Open the file again in Excel.
5. On the File menu, click Save As.
6. In the Save as type list, click Microsoft Excel Workbook.
7. Change the name of the file to create a new filtered copy without
replacing the

Note Some features may be lost when you save in HTML format.

Excel 2007:
Rename the Defined Name(s) when prompted. Then go to Formulas | Name Manager
Highlight the new
Defined Name(s) and Delete.

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