"Not a valid Win32 Application" error message



When I try to double click a saved .xlsx file from windows explorer I receive
the error message "filename.xlsx is not a valid Win32 application". I can
open the file if I first open Excel (I have 2007) then use the open function
through the program, but would like to be able to open .xlsx files with 2007
through the desktop or windows explorer.

I don't have problems opening other files in Office (.docx and so on)
through windows explorer, just .xlsx

..xls and .xlsm work just fine as well, but not .xlsx!

I've tried changing the default program, and the 'ignore other applications'
check box is unchecked in options.

Sometimes the error message won't come up but instead of opening the file,
nothing happens. The computer thinks for a brief second but nothing opens.

Please help!

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