Excel 2007 saving in wrong format?



I have several users who are saving documents by clicking on the Save As (the
default is Excel 97-2003) filling in the name and clicking save. When they
try to open the document from Windows Explorer they receive the error "Excel
cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid".
They are using Office 2007 and the file has been saved with the XLSX
extension. If I change the extension to XLS they are able to open the file.
At first I thought user error, but three different users? We also have
another user with the similar problem in Word 2007.

Shane Devenshire

This is probably a File Association error:

try right-click the file, select "Open With" select microsoft excel 2003
and check, or not, always use this program.


Can you explain to me how to change the file extension? I just clicked on
the save (it might have said "save as" but I didn't notice) dialog box and
thought I was saving a minor change. When I tried to open the file later, I
too got the "cannot open file because the file format or file extension is
not valid".
How do I change the extension to .xls from the .xlsx so I can open the file.

Sean Frisbey

However, if they have extensions hidden, go to Windows Explorer, click Tools
-> Folder Options. Under the View tab, uncheck the box that says "Hide
extensions for known file types."

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