Error Loading operating system



Hi there,

I have been helping a friend with their PC and a few days ago when booting
it came up with this message ' error loading operating system'. I have gone
into the recovery console and run both fixmbr and fixboot which rectifies the
problem til I reboot and then it comes back again. Something is corrupting
the boot sequence - any ideas? or what step to take next??

Thanks in advance


Just as an update, I have been trying to fix this system all night. I have
run chkdsk and it fixed a few errors but nothing has changed. I have scanned
for boot sector viruses and nothing. I have used fdisk /mbr - nothing. It
will work just fine if I go into recovery console and fixboot but as soon as
I reboot it corrupts again. any help would be especially appreciated.


John John

Maybe the hard disk is failing, run a diagnostic utility from the disk
manufacturer on it.


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