Error loading explorer.exe SHLWAPI.dll


Jan Il

Hi Gary :)

Try the following and see if it helps:

shlwapi - shlwapi.dll - DLL Information
Try downloading it from here:

Reinstalling Windows should not destroy documents that are already on the
hard drive. But it is wise to backup any important files just to be safe.
Use any form of removable media or transfer the data to another hard drive.

To reinstall Windows:

1.. Start Windows, and then insert the Windows 98 CD-ROM into your CD-ROM

2.. Click Browse This CD, and then double-click Setup.exe.

3.. Follow the instructions to complete the Windows Setup procedure.


Try extracting the shlwapi.dll file from her Win98 install disk and placing
it in her windows\system folder. The method for extraction and placement are
contained in the link below named Extract. Follow the directions outlined
there for Win98.


Extracting Files From the Windows CD .cab Files


NOTE: If you don't already have one, you must make a startup disk on an "up
and running"
computer with the same OS as your target computer.

Once you have the startup disk, copy the dll from the running computer to
that startup.
[that will normally be found in windows/system] you can drag a copy to the
disk through windows "explore" OR you can open a DOS prompt and type this
this directory structure):copy c:\windows\system\shlwapi.dll a:\

In case you don't know how to make a startup disk, I'll explain that too
(just to
cover that base now):

1.Start/Settings/Control Panel
2.Add Remove Programs
3.Startup Disk Tab at top of dialog box
4.Hit "Create Disk" button and follow instructions
5.Copy "shlwapi.dll" to that disk. Covered Above!

Sit in front of flaky computer:
1.Insert new startup disk
2.Turn on the computer
3.Whirr.....wiz and you should now be at:
type this C:
Hit the Enter key

You should now be at:
type this: cd windows\system
Hit the Enter key

You should now be at:
ren shlwapi.dll shlwapi.old (if it's missing, no biggie)
Hit the Enter key

copy a:\shlwapi.dll c:\windows\system
Hit the Enter key

You just replaced that file.
Take out the disk and reboot!

The message you are seeing does not necessarily mean that shlwapi.dll is
missing. It may indicate that another process (Shell32.dll) is looking for a
in Shlwapi.dll called SHRegGetValueA and it cannot be found. The existing
of shlwapi.dll could be old or corrupt or even missing.

also ...

1. Boot to Recovery Console.

2 . type the following commands
cd system32 [enter]

ren winlogon.exe winlogon.old
ren msgina.dll msgina.old
ren shell32.dll shell32.old
ren shlwapi.dll shlwapi.old

cd.. [enter]
cd servicepackfiles\i386 [enter]
copy MSGINA.DLL c:\windows\system32
copy SHELL32.DLL c:\windows\system32
copy WINLOGON.EXE c:\windows\system32
copy shlwapi.dll c:\windows\system32

if not there, expand from the cd

3 Type EXIT and hit enter





If these steps do not resolve your problem, please post back to this thread
with the details and any error messages.

Hope this helps

Jan :)
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that's why they're so contagious.

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PA Bear

You may need IE6 SP1 (v6.0.2600.0000) in order to use your Deskjet but I'm
afraid you'll need a fully updated IE6 SP1 for it to work right. Check in
at Windows Update.
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)

WinXP SP2: What's New for Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

What You Should Know About Spyware

There is no 'silver bullet' solution to hijackware

Gary Fortescue

I have a PC that i installed Win98SE on and then went on to install IE6.
PC is not on the internet and the only reason i need the IE6 was because i
have a HP Deskjet 3745 that needed a version of IE that was over version 5.
After about a week of the PC running ok, it was rebooted and came up with

Error loading explorer.exe. You must reinstall Windows

After clicking to get past this another error popped up saying;

Error starting program
C:\windows\system\SHLWAPI.dll not found

I have read through other fixes for this and as of yet have not tried any
because i am trying to find out what version of the above file i should
Before i installed IE6 i had version 5.00.2614.3500 and after installing IE6
i had version 6.00.2660.0000. This looks to me like a newer version, and so
cannot see why it is causing a problem. Surely me extracting the original
file from the Win98SE CD will make the file too old. I am getting very
confused with all this. And any help as to how to get the PC booted up and
working would be great. If i reinstall Windows98SE i still need to have my
printer working and so will need IE6 again. This in turn will cause the same
problem. Please help me!


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