Error creating scheduled task



I've been setting up a workgroup environment for a small office lately.

I've installed backup software and I've been trying to schedule a task to
run the backup software. There is a scheduler within the backup software but
that's an entirely different problem.

I set up the scheduled task for the primary user on the workstation who is
also an administrator on the workstation. After setting up the scheduled
task I'm prompted for a user password but user passwords are not used so I
don't enter one. The users cannot have passwords on their accounts..

I then receive the message "0x8007005: Access is denied."

I searched the MS KB and came up with the following KB article:;EN-US;884573

I obtained the hotfix from MS and installed it but I am still being prompted
for a password. I've tried the workaround listed at the bottom of the
article but I continue to be prompted for the password while setting up the
scheduled task.

Any ideas?

Thank you.



Steven L Umbach

Try creating a user account that has a password and use that to see if it
works or not. If it does you may have to use an account that has a password.
Kind of crazy that users can not have passwords. --- Steve


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