Schedule task runs only when the creator logs on


Hii Sing Chung


I have a team of 5 members who take turn to cover duties round the clock, so
they take turn to login to 2 PCs. All the member have no administrative
right over the PCs as that is a security requirement. I have scheduled 3
scripts to run at various times of the day but I found that the scripts can
only run when the creator of the scheduled task logged on, when other user
logged on, it said 'running' but failed and occasionally I managed to see
the screen saying "access denied". If I create similar scheduled tasks for
every member, that is, member 1 logged on, create the 3 scheduled tasks,
member 2 logged on, created another 3 scheduled tasks, and so on, I then
will create 15 scheduled tasks on both machines. This will allow 3 of the
scripts to run successfully each time, the rest failed. I think that is not
a neat solution. Is there a better way to accomplish this, without involving
administrative privileges?

Thanks in advance

Sing Chung






Thanks. I've tried to run it under system account but that requires
administrative priviledge, normal user cannot set the schedule task to
run under system account.

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