Password for Scheduled Tasks



I have scheduled a task to run to backup files to another
computer and am puzzled about the requirement that my
user account must have a password for the task to run. I
am the only user of this PC and don't want to enter a
password to logon to Windows. If I remove the password
requirement for logging in to Windows, the scheduled task
doesn't run. The status line in the Scheduled Task list
shows that the task didn't run because no password was

Is there a way to have scheduled tasks run and not
require a Windows password?




Doug Knox MS-MVP

Click Start, Run and enter CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2 Uncheck Users must enter
a username and password......... Click Apply. Enter the username and
password for your account.

Roger Abell

Define an account that you use for scheduling tasks.
Initialize this account by logging into it at least once.


From previous experience with scheduling tasks, I found
that the owner of the "my documents" folder being
accessed by the scheduled task must provide his
password. So, I assume if I defined an account just for
scheduling tasks, that account would have to be
the "owner" of the My Documents folder. Or, maybe I
don't understand what you mean by defining an account.



Roger Abell

I usually define a folder where I store the task info
rather than letting it get stored into any one profile.
As long as the account used to run the task has access
and the account used to schedule the task also does
you should be good.
For example, with such as
mkdir c:\config
mkdir c:\config\tasks
cacls c:\config /t /g administrators:f
cacls c:\config /t /e /g system:f
cacls c:\config\tasks /t /e /g users:c
you end up with a c:\config\tasks folder that
should work

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