Easy Transfer Filled up My D: Drive (recovery OS etc)



I recently bought a new Dell computer equipped with windows Vista Premium and
a D: Partition for recovery purposes

My old computer is an HP with a D: partition for recovery purposes.

I purchased the Belkin cable so I could use easy transfer.

The default in easy transfer copies all available disks: c: d: etc.

I didn't notice this, and happily took the default in the Easy transfer

I got a cryptic warning message about a possible problem with not enough
disk space, but it didn't refer to the D: partition and I wondered how I
could possibly have a disk capacity problem since I was transferring from a
60 gig drive to a new 350 gig drive.

I ignored the warning nad let the Easy transfer do its thing.

Part way indo the transfer, it then told me my D: drive was out of space and
Easy Transfer couldn't continue.

I did try again with easy transfer, but instead of the default, only chose
to copy the C: drive. The transferfer went smoothly.

The problem I have now, is that my recovery partiton (D: drive) is out of
space and tells me about it every 5 minutes or so.

It is full of the new Dell recovery stuff, which I need, and the old HP
recovery stuff that I don't need.

The problem I have, is all these recovery files are hidden in a directory
that I can't seem to open. I cand see this directory from explorer, but can't
open it to go in and remove the old computer HP recovery files.

How can I change permissions on this recovery directory so I can get into it
and remove the HP files.



Mick Murphy

A very simple solution: STOP saving anything, or sending anything, to the D:

John Barnes

Delete the WET files from the D drive and add another drive. If you are
going from the same system to the same system, I assume it is on another
machine, so how do you plan to transfer the data anyway?

John Barnes

Just a guess, but is it possible you could use one of the date columns, say
date created, etc. I would think the native files would have earlier dates.


My D drive is full and failed to increase the size, so I deleted the D drive
and created a new D drive, after that I want to back up whole systerm to D,
but never works with me.

My one is HP Vista

Could you give me a solution?

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