Windows Easy Transfer



We have got a new computer (with Vista) to replace our old computer (with
XP). I wanted to migrate the files from the old computer to the new computer
using Windows Easy Transfer (WET), via an external hard drive. I managed to
transfer the data to the hard drive, but it would not transfer to the new
computer. This seemed to be because I had set WET to the default setting
where it transferred all the files from the old computer: this included files
from the D (recovery) drive, and there was not enough room on the D drive of
the new computer to receive the files from the D drive of the old computer
(and WET did not give the option of transferring them to another drive, or
not transferring them).

After this, Plan A was to re-do the migration from scratch with only the
files from the C drive. But the old computer won't start ( we were replacing
it because it was showing signs of wearing out). What is Plan B? Is there any
way of opening or unzipping the migration file on the external hard drive
(which ends in ".mig") and transferring the data from the C drive of the old
computer onto the new one?


Take old hd out, fit it in external case, connect the usb, copy data, dont
bother with anything else, certainly not the recovery drive data

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